Entry #1

Working on my first NG cartoon for the month of October and for Halloween.

2011-10-03 22:28:40 by UltimateIronfox

Hello Everyone,
This is my first NG Web Log post. I am currently working on my Flash Cartoon "How Belmont ruined Halloween." It is more than half way done with 3 days of work animating so far. I'm still pretty new to flash so this is only my third flash project I've ever done. This will also be my first NG submission so I hope those that view it will find it entertaining or will give me advice to improve my works. I am really looking forward to doing regual submissions to NG mainly to have another productive hobby under my belt.

I may be under a new Username but I've been a long time lurker of the site. I've always seem to pop in and watch the front page submissions. My personal goal is to get a single submission on the front page. Look forward to more posts from me in thr future..


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